Symposium on Geological Disposal Optimisation in Zurich


Our Galson Sciences team attended the three-day Symposium on Geological Disposal Optimisation ,organised by the Implementing Geological Disposal – Technology Platform (IDG-TP) and hosted by Nagra (Swiss waste management organisation) in Zurich in September 2022.

Tamara Baldwin, Consultant at Galson Sciences and member of the IGD-TP Scientific Committee, was instrumental in organising this event, bringing together more than 70 international experts to address the challenges of deep disposal.

Among the 20 presentations performed, Daniel Galson, Managing Director at Galson Sciences, captured the lessons learned from our optimisation work for Magnox Ltd to define the decommissioning end state for the Trawsfynydd nuclear power station site in the UK.

This was a fantastic opportunity to learn from geological disposal and major infrastructure programmes worldwide, to visit the Mount Terri Underground Rock Laboratory, and to network with our clients and partners from across the nuclear industry.

To learn more about the symposium, click here.