Staff and Management

Dr Jenny Kent
Managing Director
Jenny has a BSc Hons. in geology (Imperial College London) and a PhD in environmental radiochemistry from the University of Southampton. She is a Chartered Chemist and has over 15 years' experience in radioactive waste management and environmental monitoring.
Dr Daniel Galson
Strategic Director
Dan established GSL in 1992, and has been responsible for the overall financial, technical and administrative management of an international radioactive waste and environmental research and consultancy company now employing some 25 persons.
Laure Prévot
Product Line Director
Laure has a BSc and MSc in Civil Engineering and international project management. She has over 10 years’ experience within Egis in coordinating multi-disciplinary consultancy and engineering projects, from initial scoping and preliminary studies, to detailed design and works supervision worldwide.
François Martin
François is Director for Nuclear within the MSWEE Division of Egis, François has been with Egis for nearly 12 years in various roles. He now sits on the Board of Directors of Galson Sciences.
Dr Timothy Hicks
Technical Director
Tim has degrees in applied mathematics from Aston University in Birmingham (BSc) and Bristol University (PhD). Since joining Galson Sciences in 1994, he has worked on a range of projects in radioactive waste management covering storage and disposal issues.
Dr Stephen Wickham
Technical Director
Steve has degrees in Earth Sciences from Oxford University (BA Hons) and Cambridge University (PhD), and has over 30 years' research experience in the earth and environmental sciences.
Dr Tamara Baldwin
Principal Consultant
Tamara has degrees in physics (MPhys Hons) and experimental nuclear structure physics (PhD) from the University of Surrey, is a member of the Institute of Physics, a Chartered Physicist, and a deputy member of the UK Working Party on Criticality. She has over 15 years' project management experience
Dr Slimane Doudou
Principal Consultant
Slimane has a BSc degree in Chemistry with Physics and a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Manchester. He has over three years' post-doctoral research experience in computational modelling and investigating radionuclide interactions in the environment.
Rebecca Houghton
Principal Consultant
Becky is a Chartered Physicist with a 1st class MPhys in Physics with Mathematics from the University of Sheffield, and an MoP Foundation Certificate in Portfolio Management. She has over seven years' experience of working in the nuclear industry, including technical and strategy development roles.
Andy Murray
Finance Manager
Andy is an AAT & ICB qualified Accounting professional. He has 10+ years of related experience both within industry and in the not-for-profit sectors. This experience has predominantly been gained with SME’s but also larger overseas corporations.
Rachel Hinckley-Kaelin
Operations Manager
Rachel heads up our fantastic support team. She has over 12 years’ experience in business operations and administration across the nuclear, construction, financial, commercial, and entertainment sectors. Rachel attended Ouachita Baptist University and relocated to the UK from America in early 2020.
Dr Liz Harvey
Principal Consultant
Liz has a 1st class honours MSci in Chemistry (Bristol University), a PhD in Mineral Physics (Cambridge University) and over 15 years' experience in radioactive waste management with particular focus on wasteforms for actinides & HLW. A Chartered Chemist and Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry
Ann Rostern
Principal Consultant
Ann has a background in radioactive waste, specialising in geological disposal. She has worked in the nuclear consultancy industry for 3 decades, on a diverse range of projects for numerous clients in the radioactive waste management field. She has a BSc in physics from Birmingham University
Dr Christopher Herbert
Senior Consultant
Chris has degrees in Environmental Earth Sciences (MSci) and Sedimentology (PhD) from the University of East Anglia. He is a Fellow of the Geological Society of London. Chris has several years' experience in the development of sedimentological and site conceptual models.
Dr Elizabeth Howett
Senior Consultant
Liz has an MSc in nuclear engineering from Imperial College London and a PhD in Spent Nuclear Fuel corrosion from Lancaster University. She has several years' experience working for industrial clients with the need to manage radioactive wastes.
Dr Thomas Haines
Principal Consultant
Thomas has an MESci degree in Earth Sciences from the University of Liverpool, and a PhD degree in Geology from the University of Aberdeen. He has 6 years’ consultancy experience in building detailed subsurface geological models in the oil and gas sector.
Dr Jo Farrow
Senior Consultant
Jo has degrees in Earth Sciences from the University of Oxford (MEarthSc) and the University of Cambridge (PhD), and is a Fellow of the Geological Society. She has over five years' experience of radioactive waste management consultancy in the UK and internationally.
Emily Swain-Phipps
Senior Consultant
Emily has a first class Hons MMath in Mathematics from the University of Leicester and a post-graduate certificate in Fire and Explosion Engineering from the University of Leeds. Emily has several years' experience in risk assessment of operational plant.
Dr Sally Scourfield
Senior Consultant
Sally has a PhD in Earth Sciences (sea ice mechanics) post completion of an MSci in Geophysics. Sally also has several years' experience working on many projects for Galson Sciences including Problematic Waste Integrated Project Team (PW IPT), led by RWM and LLWR on behalf of the NDA.
Dr Callum Eldridge
Callum has recently graduated as a Doctor in Philosophy of Physics from Sheffield University in addition to a First Class Masters in Physics from the University of Surrey. Callum’s background is in particle detection with gas-based directional detectors.
Tim Harrison
Tim has a first-class master’s degree in Chemistry from Oxford University. His Master’s research was in organometallic catalysis, looking at the use of clay supported aluminium complexes for ethylene polymerisation.
James Begg
Senior Consultant
James has a PhD in Environmental Geochemistry and worked as a research scientist in the US for nearly a decade investigating the environmental behaviour of actinides. He has worked for four years as a consultant on projects related to nuclear waste disposal, including European experimental programs.
Dr Chris Harbord
Chris has degrees in Geology from Liverpool (MESci) and Durham (PhD). He has 4 years post-doctoral experience in experimental rock physics which he applies to tackle problems in the geological disposal of radioactive waste.
Dr Stella Foster
Stella has recently completed a PhD in radionuclide remediation with a focus in synchrotron X-ray techniques. Before that she won a scholarship, obtaining a master’s degree in Environmental Science with distinction from UEA, gained a first-class BSc in Chemistry and has RSC membership.
Shivangi Prasad
Shiv has a first-class master’s degree in Natural Sciences specialising in Chemistry from the University of Nottingham. Her Master’s research was about the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide on copper encapsulated and decorated single wall nanotubes.
Tracey Stevens
Office Administrator
Tracey is one of the members of our fantastic support team, building on her 20-year career as a Personal and Executive Assistant within NHS Scotland and in England, as well as in local government and independent education sectors. In addition, Tracey has a Practitioner’s Diploma in Holistic Therapy.
Antonia Profit
Finance Assistant
Antonia has over 20 years of experience in admin and finance, 10 of which have been spent with Galson Sciences.
Rebecca Hudson
Office Administrator
Becky is one of the members of our fantastic support team. She has many years of administrative experience and wishes to make this the sole focus of her career, having moved to GSL from another industry. Her invaluable skills have been developed through her time working within dentistry.
Yannick Caniven
Yannick holds a PhD in Earth Sciences with 8 years postdoctoral research at CNRS, Rice University, and Oxford University. His research focuses include fault structures, analogue and numerical modelling, field investigations, and earthquake hazard assessments for hydroelectric and nuclear facilities.
Delhia Alby
Delhia holds PhDs in Chemistry and Physical Chemistry of Materials with 2 years postdoctoral research at CNRS. Her research focuses includes the formulation of innovative materials for the sorption on caesium and strontium and the influence of silicate ions on the mechanism of alteration of UO2.
Adriana Del Pino Sanchez
Senior Consultant
Adriana has Earth Sciences degrees from Imperial College London (BSc) and the University of Leeds (MSc, PhD). She has more than 15 years’ experience in the oil and gas sector which she applies to building subsurface models for the geological disposal of radioactive waste.
Marek Pekala
Senior Consultant
Marek has degrees in geology (MSc) and geochemistry (PhD). Following a post-doc at Edinburgh University, he has worked for over 14 years in radioactive waste management focusing on disposal safety. He has experience in research, consulting, and regulatory roles in various countries.
Abhishek Mishra
Intern Consultant
Abhishek has a in Nanotechnology with multiple research intern experiences in nanoscience and technology. Currently, he’s in his final year of a masters in Nuclear Energy at Université Paris Saclay with a specialisation in Nuclear Dismantling and Waste Management
Omar Obame
Nuclear Business Development Manager
Omar has a MSc in Industrial Engineering and a master’s degree in strategy and international business management. He has experience driving major infrastructure projects including industrial, logistics and energy projects globally.
Dr Matthew White
Principal Consultant
Matt has degrees in Geology from Durham University (BSc) and from Royal Holloway University of London (PhD), and is a Chartered Geologist. He has over 20 years' experience in providing consultancy support to a wide range of radioactive waste disposal projects.
Dr Mark Crawford
Principal Consultant
Mark, a geochemist with degrees from Oxford (BA) and Leicester (PhD), has over 30 years' research and consultancy experience in environmental risk assessment and radioactive waste disposal. He was involved in LLW's disposal facilities at Dounreay and acquiring waste permits for the UK and USA.
Phil Richardson
Senior Consultant
Phil has a degree in Geology from the University of Hull (BSc) and is a European Geologist and a Chartered Fellow of the Geological Society. Phil has over 25 years' experience of reviewing geological and social aspects of radioactive waste management worldwide. He is a registered expert with IAEA.