Galson Sciences Hosts Work Experience Student


In the month of July, Galson Sciences had a rewarding opportunity to host our first Work Experience Student following pandemic-induced working constraints. We might be a bit biased, but we can easily say our Work Experience Student must be one of the brightest pupils in attendance at Hampton College.

We were able to gather for tea and cake on the last day of their placement, capping off a memorable week of learning and sharing ideas. Our student even took the time to summarize their experience in a few sentences to share with all of you.

“During my time at Galson Sciences, I was surrounded by inspiring and brilliant people, all proud to be involved in coming up with a solution to a problem most choose to ignore. The conversations I had were filled with passion for their current work and what education and previous experience brought them to do it. The work I did whilst at Galson Sciences gave  me  an insight into all of the minute  details that need to be considered when making an assessment, some of which at first glance seem entirely unrelated. As well as demonstrating the importance of having a variety of knowledge, instead of limiting yourself to one area. 

Before, I never realised the breadth of disciplines and interests the nuclear industry encompasses, or the countless paths that can lead you to become involved in it. I left with a better understanding of the opportunities available to me and what each of them would entail.”