COVID-19 – despite all the restrictions as a result of coronavirus, it is business as usual for all Galson Sciences staff.  We are available on the usual numbers and email addresses. Stay safe everyone.


GSL supporting Frazer-Nash to provide cost modelling support to RWM

Systems and engineering consultancy, Frazer-Nash, is to provide cost modelling support to Radioactive Waste Management (RWM), the UK government organisation responsible for planning and delivering the geological disposal of radioactive waste. The work will be undertaken in collaboration with nuclear research services consultancy Galson Sciences Ltd, who will define the model structure and provide reference …


£522 send to Macmillan by GSL following the 2019 coffee morning

Thanks to the generosity of GSL staff, an amazing £261 was raised at the Macmillan Coffee morning.  This amount was matched by the organisation meaning that a cheque for £522 was sent to Macmillan in support of their work.   Home-made cakes are always well appreciated by everyone working here – and the offerings on display …


Phil Richardson contributes to book

Phil Richardson has contributed material to a recently published (July 2019) Springer Verlag book ‘Conflicts, Participation and Acceptability in Nuclear Waste Governance: An International Comparison, Volume II‘. He co-authored a chapter on ‘The Use of the Added Value Approach in Siting Radioactive Waste Facilities: Stakeholder Opinions in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovenia‘ which was …


Theramin training school presentations

Following the successful Technical Training School hosted by the CEA at Marcoule, France, in June 2019, presentations (including those made by Stephen Wickham and Jenny Kent from GSL) and posters on the toolbox of treatment and characterisation approaches demonstrated in the project are available on the Theramin website: Participants also had the opportunity to …


Theramin Summer School June 2019

GSL is leading two work packages (WP2 and WP5) within the EURATOM Collaborative Project “Thermal treatment for radioactive waste minimisation and hazard reduction (THERAMIN)”, which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Euratom research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 755480. A summer school, hosted by the CEA at Marcoule in June …


2nd International Conference on Monitoring in Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste

Matt White and Sally Scourfield attended the 2nd International Repository Monitoring Conference at the Cité University of Paris on Tuesday 9 April to Thursday 11 April.  Matt was a member of the organising committee, and gave presentations on the selection of monitoring strategies and parameters, and on the use of monitoring results in decision making.  During the meeting, …


Galson Science staff buy a cow and a nanny goat!

  A total of £220 was donated by Galson Sciences staff in lieu of buying Christmas cards for each other.  This sum was matched by the company, giving a total of £440, which was used to buy a cow, a nanny goat, a pair of pigs and two chickens in addition to fruit tree saplings/seeds, …


2nd International Conference on Monitoring in Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste 9-11 April 2019

Modern2020 2nd International Conference on Monitoring in Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste The objective is twofold: (i) to invite experts to contribute to and participate in discussions on monitoring strategies, on monitoring technologies, on how monitoring can assist dialogue with regulatory agencies, and how monitoring can contribute to confidence building in relation to the geological disposal …


IGD-TP Exchange Forum 8 – December 2018

The IGD-TP’s eighth Exchange Forum (EF8) was a great success with over 140 attendees from 21 different countries.  Our host, BMWi, provided a superb venue and welcoming environment that facilitated an excellent array of presentations and a great deal of discussion and networking.  A brief summary of the scope, objectives and outcomes of EF8, along …

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