Richard Klos


Dr. Richard A. Kłos has degrees in Physics from Imperial College, London (BSc) and X-ray Astronomy from Leicester University (PhD). He has worked for the UK's National Radiological Protection Board, the Paul Scherrer Institute (in Switzerland), as an independent consultant, and as an employee of GSL.

    Angus Mackay


    Angus Mackay graduated with a BSc in Civil Engineering from the University of Glasgow in 1980 and passed the ICE Law and Contract procedure examination papers 1 and 2 in 1990. He has been a Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers (MICE) since 1991. He is currently responsible for the development of the civil and structural design of the proposed new LLW disposal facilities at Dounreay.

      Tim McEwen


      Dr. Tim McEwen has degrees in geology (Leeds) and structural geology (Imperial College), a PhD in geology (Leeds) and is a Chartered Geologist and works as McEwen Consulting. He has more than 25 years' experience in radioactive waste disposal.

        Emily Michie


        Dr. Emily Michie has degrees in Materials Science and Engineering (MEng Hons) and Atomistic simulations of radioactive tolerant materials (PhD) from Imperial College London. Emily is a Member of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining and has five years research experience in solid state chemistry and physics and in the development and application of computational solutions.

          Steve Whittaker


          Dr. Steve Whittaker is a nuclear chemist with over 15 years' experience of nuclear decommissioning and radioactive waste management. He has worked on a variety of complex and high-profile nuclear decontamination/decommissioning projects, mainly at the Sellafield site in Cumbria.

            Paul Woollam


            Dr. Woollam has a lifetime of knowledge and experience in the technical and strategic aspects of nuclear decommissioning and radioactive waste management. He was formerly Chief Decommissioning Strategist with Magnox Electric plc, the Company that managed the UK's 26 Magnox reactors.

              Ray McGarry


              Dr. McGarry is a chartered physicist with 25 years' experience in the nuclear, environmental and oil & gas sectors. Specific areas of interest include radiological safety assessment, radioactive waste
              disposal and geophysical / geochemical modelling. Ray has had major roles in very high profile and safetycritical nuclear projects and a long history of involvement with the Low Level Waste Repository (LLWR).

                Donna Crozier


                Donna Crozier is a Mechanical Engineer with a BEng (Hons) degree in computer aided engineering. Donna has over 13 year’s experience in the nuclear industry, specifically in waste management, package licensing, mechanical engineering, system engineering and project management.