GSL Staff Attend International Conference on Clays

Two of our consultants, Matt White and Tamara Baldwin, attended the 7th International Conference on Clays in Natural and Engineered Barriers for Radioactive Waste Confinement, held in Davos, Switzerland on 24-27 September 2017. Focused on the use of clay rocks as host rocks for geological disposal of radioactive waste, the conference covered topics related to …


New Staff

We are pleased to welcome two new members of staff to the company this September: Andrew Gilbert and Sue Burdell. Andrew joins us as a new Consultant. He has a first class honours MSci in Geoscience from Durham and a PhD in Geology from Cambridge University, where his research title was ‘Crystal mobilisation in convecting magma …


Galson Sciences Ltd Gains Government Cyber Essentials Certification

Galson Sciences Ltd (GSL) has gained the Government Cyber Essentials certification.  The Cyber Essentials Scheme is part of the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Strategy and provides an independent assessment of the essential security controls that organisations need to have in place to mitigate risks from internet-borne threats. By successfully going through a Cyber Essentials assessment, …


POPLU staff Exchange

As part of the DOPAS integration the POPLU staff exchange provide useful information both for visitors and hosts DOPAS Experiments were open for staff exchange within organisations participating to the DOPAS project. Latest staff exchange was organised by POPLU experiment and there was a possibility to visit the POPLU site during installation of instrumentation and …


Community Representation Working Group News

GSL Senior Consultant Phil Richardson has been invited to be a member of the Community Representation Working Group (CRWG) that has been established by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), as proposed in the July 2014 White Paper ‘Implementing Geological Disposal’. The first meeting of the WG took place on 8th January 2015. …


URENCO’s Capenhurst Site Visit

A team from GSL visited URENCO’s Capenhurst site in Cheshire to see how the company deals with its depleted, natural and low-enriched uranium inventory. We have has been working on an integrated project investigating the implications of managing depleted, natural and low-enriched uranium through geological disposal and URENCO has a keen interest in the work ...


We have recently been joined by Dr Fiona Neall  and Dr Jo Smith. Fiona has over 20 years UK and international experience in geochemical modelling, safety assessment and disposal concepts for radioactive waste disposal. Jo joins us from recently completing her PhD in Organic Geochemistry and Earth Surface Processes at the University of Cambridge. Margaret Brown  joined ...