GSL Staff Attend International Conference on Clays


Two of our consultants, Matt White and Tamara Baldwin, attended the 7th International Conference on Clays in Natural and Engineered Barriers for Radioactive Waste Confinement, held in Davos, Switzerland on 24-27 September 2017.

Focused on the use of clay rocks as host rocks for geological disposal of radioactive waste, the conference covered topics related to natural argillaceous geological barriers and clay-based engineered barrier systems, including laboratory experiments, in situ experiments, mock-up demonstrations and natural analogues, numerical modelling and integration approaches, as well as monitoring.

As part of technical support we are providing to Nagra, the Swiss national Waste Management Organisation, Matt presented a poster on Nagra’s Full-scale Emplacement Experiment at the Mont Terri Underground Rock Laboratory.  This is a full-scale heater test in Opalinus Clay simulating the construction, waste emplacement, backfilling and early stage evolution of a spent fuel / high-level waste repository tunnel. Matt has been involved in work on the FE Experiment since July 2016. You can download Matt’s poster here: FE Experiment Poster.

Tamara attended the conference to support the associated meeting of the Implementing Geological Disposal Technology Platform (IGD-TP) Executive Group. Tamara is currently providing support to deliver the Secretariat of the IGD-TP.